Warranty and repairs


If the product breaks down within the warranty period (1 years), you are entitled to a replacement. Rolfstone will cover the cost of shipping.

No guarantee
External causes of defects (sand, fall or moisture damage) or incorrect use are not covered by the warranty.

Enlist your warranty
If the product has a defect or malfunction (must be arranged by telephone, email or in writing to notify Rolfstone), verify on our website if you still have warranty.

Seller Guarantee
As a seller, we are legally obliged to supply products that meet the expectations you have as a consumer.

Your rights during the warranty period

Replacing product
If replacing the product fails within a reasonable period of time (two weeks), we will refund the purchased price.

Cost-free repairs
We do not repair. See " Replacement product."

Cancel & Returns

Cancel Order
A completed order in the web shop can unfortunately not be reversed. This is because your order is immediately processed automatically. We advise you to wait for the delivery of your order. After the order has been received, you can return the product and get your money back.

Product Returns
Until 14 days after receiving your order you are entitled to think it over. During this period, you have the option to terminate the agreement without giving any reason. You can cancel an agreement within 14 days after receipt of the final product delivered to the order in writing, mail or telephone to Rolfstone to make it known that you want to return one or more products from the named order. Within 14 days after this call, email or written letter to Rolfstone you are obligated to send the product back to Rolfstone. During this period you will treat the product and packaging with care and in its totality. You will take care of the product and only unpack or use as necessary to determine whether to keep the product. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you will be obligated to return the product with all accessories (as reasonable as possible) in its original condition and packaging, according to information provided by Rolfstone reasonable and clear instructions. Rolfstone reserves the right to charge a fee if the product by usage is damaged or not in original condition (packaging and accessories). Return shipping costs are for the customer.

Product Returns

  • The receipt must be in connection with the customer.
  • The product must be purchased from or
  • The product must be complete, undamaged and packed in the original packaging.
  • The product should be visibly unused.

If you have returned the product within 14 days and you have complied with the conditions of return, you will receive the refund of the purchase price of the products within 14 days on the bank account used to purchase Rolfstone or otherwise agreed with Rolfstone by telephone, mail or in writing. If we are not able to receive the returning item, you will receive a explanation from Rolfstone.