Consumer rights

Your rights

You are entitled to a proper product. The product must conform to what you can reasonably expect from this product. A product whose warranty has not expired, shall meet what you can expect in normal use.

If you have purchased a product from Rolfstone and the product does not meet the expectations you have as a consumer, Rolfstone is liable. This means that Rolfstone is legally obligated to provide a reliable product. If your expectations were wrong, too high or unrealistic, and the product is defective, Rolfstone is obviously not liable.


Compensation and personal injury
If Rolfstone sells you a defective product, you can legally claim Rolfstone liable for the defective product. You have done business with Rolfstone. Rolfstone complies with all legal obligations mandatory in Europe for liability when selling products.

Claim damages
If you have suffered damage provided by a defective product by Rolfstone and you want to claim that damage, then you should well document the cause and result of that damage. In other words, the relationship between the defect and the damage must always be demonstrated. A mere receipt of a glass table because Rolfstone was used, is not sufficient. You are also required to limit the damage as much as possible. Confer with Rolfstone about how you deal with an incident, can avoid a lot of misunderstanding and unpleasant emotions.