General conditions


Everything we explain in this text is an extract of and an explanation about our "Terms of Sale". The text in this brochure is subordinate to the text of these terms were last filed with the Chamber of Commerce. Is there any contradiction, of course we try to avoid, then, the general sales conditions are operative.

When do you have warranty?

If within the guarantee the product no longer functions accordingly due to the product itself.

When do you not have warranty?

If within the guarantee the product no longer functions accordingly due to causes different then the product itself. The cause of defect is external from the product and will void the warranty.

Kinds of external causes of defect

Damage from often unknowingly external causes:

A. Sand Damage
B. Drop and impact damage
C. Moisture and water damage

The named external causes are not the only ones but are the most common.

A. Sand Damage

Sand can get into place you dont expect. For example:

A day at the beach
You will spend a day at the beach. Taking the product with you in a plastic bag or inside the original box. The product goes into the beach bag and yet it sand got into the product. This can cause damage when used because of the moving parts inside.

Football on the beach
You are on the beach and someone is playing football nearby. The ball comes your way and one of the players makes a sliding on the ball. Sand goes everywhere and also onto your bag.

You go back home
Your product is in your bag. At the end of the beach day you put your towel inside your bag. Sand comes lose from the towel and gets into the product. There was sand in your towel. Note: sand damage may be caused not only on the beach but wherever you find sand. The woods, playgrounds, amusement parks, road works etc.

B. Drop and impact damage

Most of the cracks or tears created on the product are fall and impact damage. This is not always visible. When the product bumps or falls, it may happen that there is no visible damage to the outside. The sophisticated technology used inside the product may have sustained internal damage. Damage may occur partly due to the following reasons:

Your product gets jammed
Your product is in your pocket and you sit down. The product becomes trapped and is experiencing pressure. There is a chance that the button(s) of the product get pressed into the product. Damaging the insides.

Your briefcase is almost full and you try to force your product to fit inside. You get the case closed with difficulty. Chances are that the button(s) get pressed into the product. Damaging the insides.

Oops, you drop your bag
You drop your bag and discover that the product has been damaged.

You're trapped
You go to an amusement park and take your product into the most spectacular attraction. The safety catch is fixed tightly and the product gets trapped. Or the product gets slammed during the rid.

C. Moisture and water damage

Moisture damage and water damage are two different things.
We explain the differences below:

Water damage
When we think of water damage caused by water we think of:

- Your product has fallen in the pool or in the toilet.
- You used your product in the rain.

Moisture Damage
Moisture damage is damage that is often caused without realizing it but can be prevented like water damage when used carefully. Sometimes you have to consciously take measures to prevent moisture damage to your product.