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Riva is Rolfstone's latest model. It has all the features you need with a stylish design. An allround model for the best price.

Control everything
with touch buttons.

Skip the track, control the volume, accept an incoming call; with the touch buttons on the Riva it's super easy to use.

  • Accept call

    1 tap

  • Play / Pause

    1 tap

  • Next track

    2 taps

  • Previous track

    3 taps

  • Volume +

    Right earbud
    Hold for 2 seconds

  • Volume -

    Left earbud
    Hold for 2 seconds

Use a single earbud
or use both.

Use both earbuds or use just one of them, the earbuds will automatically connect with each other and with your device. Enjoy a seamless experience with the Rolfstone Riva.

Call handsfree easily,
with the built-in microphones.

In each earbud there is a microphone. So when you get a call you just have to press once on one of the earbuds to accept the call. Done talking? Press once again to hang up.

Our mission with the Riva..

Many people don't want wired earbuds anymore, but don't know whether wireless earbuds would suit them. With our entry-level model, the Rolfstone Riva, we want to introduce people to wireless earbuds. A good model with the latest features and functions at a competitive price.

On the Riva we opted for touch buttons. This is very pleasant to use because you don't have to press the earbuds hard into your ears. A light touch on the touch button is enough to skip to the next song, change the volume or answer the phone, for example.
The charging case is nicely compact. We have made this as thin as possible, so you hardly notice that the case is in your pocket, for example. This recharges the earbuds 4 times on the go, giving you a total of 25 hours of playback time, enough for most users to use all week.

The natural fit of the Riva will suit most people. Due to its low price, the Riva is top notch for first-time wireless earbuds or as a gift.

If you are looking for earbuds with the latest features for a competitive price, the Rolfstone Riva is highly recommended! 

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I recommend this product

A few weeks ago I ordered these earbuds after a long search at and I'm glad I didn't go for the expensive competitor. I sweat a lot during sports and these earbuds are watertight, as promised. They stay in place even when I chew gum during a run and they are completely soundproof, even when cycling.

I don't have to turn the sound up because of this. The wind in my ears is not disturbing. The quality of the music remains very good with a fine bass. Big difference with cheap rubbish. It was a gamble because you never know in advance but I absolutely recommend these earbuds if you are looking for waterproof wireless earbuds to enjoy your music sound. The touch functions work perfectly and it is indeed up to 10 metres range from your phone. The battery life of the earbuds is long. I only need to charge them once every three days with 2 or 3 hours usage per day. After 1 hour, both the earbuds and the battery holder are charged. The finish is just like the pictures so chic. I hope my review is useful because it always helps me a lot when I buy things like this.
High Quality

I recommend this product

Must say that I bought this Rolfstone Riva on the recommendation of a friend and I am pleasantly surprised! Until now I used B&W P5 on-ear headphones (a 300 euros) but I wanted earbuds and I must say that Rolfstone is certainly not inferior to B&W and that for that price.

Excellent earbuds

I recommend this product

I bought the Rolfstone Riva for my wife. As a keen walker and music lover, a few months ago I bought wireless earbuds from a major brand. My wife also wanted to get rid of those cords, but she did not want it to be that great and certainly not too expensive because she listens less to music and more to spoken word. The difference in price is therefore 50 euros.

Despite the very good reviews, I had my doubts about the sound quality and the use. But nothing could be further from the truth. I was and still am surprised how this (Dutch) manufacturer can make such a great product for so little money. Had I known that earlier, I would have bought these too. Sound is good, sit fantastic, functional like the touch control works really well and besides that they look great too! Highly recommended!
Pleasant earbuds with great sound

I recommend this product

After much deliberation and between (Extremely) expensive earbuds (and in my eyes probably a guarantee of quality) and these (the good reviews appealed to me and budget-wise also a huge plus) I decided to go for the Rolfstone and that has been a very good choice. Not one second of regret! The caps are comfortable in the ear and easy to use. Sound is super clear and they also come with a nice case in which they can be safely stored and charged. Very happy with my purchase and highly recommend these Rolfstone Riva's!

A real all-rounder at a great price!

I recommend this product

I was looking for a pair of multi-purpose wireless earbuds. For the office, for travelling and for sports. At first, I doubted whether I wanted to buy these somewhat cheaper earbuds, but a review on YouTube (you can probably find it on 'Rolfstone Riva review') convinced me. Fortunately, I am convinced, because these are top earbuds for a good price!

I will share my experiences below, but for a complete picture you better watch the review on YouTube. Touch control Despite the low price, the touch control function works very accurately. I really like that I can adjust my volume through the earbuds and I like the fact that I do not have to press. Sound Top sound for this price. Really nothing to it. My friend has more expensive JBL earbuds and the Rolfstone Riva earbuds are a match for them. Fit They have not fallen out once and do not get loose, so they are also perfect for sports. I regularly run longer distances and I go to the gym every week. No problem at all. When running, you just need to aim better at the touch control panel. Battery life Nothing spectacular, but it lasts easily a week on one full charge of the earbuds and the charging case. Material Feels very 'premium' and it certainly doesn't feel like cheap material which you often see in cheaper electronics products. If I had these in my hands without knowing the price I would not give them €59, but a higher price.

"Very good sound, can play pretty loud and has good bass. Highly recommended for this price!"

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