Rolfstone Nova Sport

Don't worry, these earbuds will Always remain seated.

Fully wireless earbuds made for athletes.

878 reviews
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Tiny earbuds with a unique fit.

There is a silicon rubber ring fitted around the earbuds. On top of this ring there is a 'wingtip'. This wingtip is replacable and deliverd in 2 sizes so you can find the perfect fit. You'll never have to worry again about losing your earbuds during a jog, a workout in the gym or anywhere you want to use the Nova Sport earbuds!

Sweat and water-resistant, workout proof.

The Nova Sport earbuds are IP64 certified. This means that dust and splashes are no problem. Rain and sweat during your workout? Don't even worry about it. Just wipe it off and they are ready for the next session.

EXTRA BASS and clear highs will motivate you even more.

The Nova Sport earbuds are more than just a perfect fit, they also give a very clear sound. The EXTRA BASS packs a punch and the dynamic soundstage forms a perfect soundtrack for your workouts.

Our mission with the Nova Sport...

Anyone who likes to exercise and listen to music at the same time knows the problem of wired earbuds. The wires are always in the way, tangled or the wires pull the earbuds out of your ears.

Fortunately, there are now wireless earbuds. But can you use all wireless earbuds for sports? Well, actually not because what you absolutely do not want is for them to fall out during your workout! And most do.

That's why the goal for the Nova Sport was to create wireless earbuds that always stay in place, during any movement and sport!

What makes these earbuds really stay in place are the Wingtips (the hooks on the top). If you put the earplug in then you turn these Wingtips in your ear. This keeps the earplug super tight and you can move around all you want, they do not fall out!

And very important; they are also very comfortable. There are several sizes of Wingtips and Eartips included. This allows everyone to create their own perfect fit.

What about the sound? During exercise we often listen to motivational music, House, Techno, Hip Hop, you name it! So that's why we chose an extra strong bass. Put on your favorite playlist and go for it!

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"These are super fine earbuds with good sound quality. Even after hours they are almost imperceptible in my ears."

878 reviews
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