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Don't worry, these earbuds will
Always remain seated.

Fully wireless earbuds made for athletes.


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  • Perfect fit

    Thanks to the wingtip, the Nova Sport always stays in place.

  • Extra Bass

    Gives an extra boost during exercise.

  • Robust

    The Nova Sport can take a beating.

  • Hands-free calling

    Make calls without touching your phone.

  • Long battery life

    Play up to 25 hours.

  • Sweat and rain resistant

    IP64 certified.

  • USB-C

    The new USB standard.

Stay in place perfectly.

The earbuds are super small and with the right size wingtip and eartip, you don't have to worry about these earbuds falling out while running, at the gym or with any kind of movement.

The Wingtip

No matter how you move your head; the Nova Sport won't just fall out. This is due to the Wingtip. The soft silicone material clamps itself into the earcup making the earbud fit extra secure.
The wingtip comes in two sizes so there is a right fit for every ear.

The Eartips

Because no two ear canals are the same, we supply the earbuds in sizes S, M and L. With the right size, the earbuds remain in place and the music sounds better.

  • Highest quality for the best price

  • The best personal service

Open the charging case and they are already connected.

The earbuds come with a charging case. As soon as you open these, the earbuds already turn on and connect directly to your phone. So they are already connected before you have them in your ears. Super simple.

Sweat and rain?
No problem.

The Nova Sport earbuds are IP64 certified. This means that dust and splashes are no problem. Rain and sweat during your workout? Don't even worry about it. Just wipe it off and they are ready for the next session.

Extra bass and clear highs will motivate you even more.

The Nova Sport earbuds are more than just a perfect fit, they also give a very clear sound. The EXTRA BASS packs a punch and the dynamic soundstage forms a perfect soundtrack for your workouts.

Connects to any device.

The Nova Sport can be connected to any device that supports bluetooth.

  • Laptop & Computer

  • Smart Watch

    Including Apple, Garmin,
    Samsung and Fitbit

  • Tablet

    Apple, Android

  • Phone

    Apple, Android

Control your music without touching your mobile.

  • Accept call

    1 tap

  • Play / Pause

    1 tap

  • Next track

    2 taps

  • Previous track

    3 x tikken

  • Volume +

    Right earbud
    Press and hold

  • Volume -

    Left earbud
    Press and hold

Enough battery to run a marathon.

Enjoy 5 hours of battery life and charge them in the charging case for another 20 hours. That means you can listen to music for 25 hours when you leave the house.

The charging case contains a USB-C port for charging. Most new phones also have a USB-C port, so you can easily use the same cable.

Our mission with the Nova Sport...

Anyone who likes to exercise and listen to music at the same time knows the problem of wired earbuds. The wires are always in the way, tangled or the wires pull the earbuds out of your ears.

Fortunately, there are now wireless earbuds. But can you use all wireless earbuds for sports? Well, actually not because what you absolutely do not want is for them to fall out during your workout! And most do.

That's why the goal for the Nova Sport was to create wireless earbuds that always stay in place, during any movement and sport!

What makes these earbuds really stay in place are the Wingtips (the hooks on the top). If you put the earplug in then you turn these Wingtips in your ear. This keeps the earplug super tight and you can move around all you want, they do not fall out!

And very important; they are also very comfortable. There are several sizes of Wingtips and Eartips included. This allows everyone to create their own perfect fit.

What about the sound? During exercise we often listen to motivational music, House, Techno, Hip Hop, you name it! So that's why we chose an extra strong bass. Put on your favorite playlist and go for it!

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Top of the line

I recommend this product

These earbuds for a while in use, with a great sound is and great fit. Only plus points, and definitely do to the price, so worth purchasing.

Excellent purchase

I recommend this product

The biggest advantage of these earbuds is that they can be used independently of each other. This allows you to listen continuously and charge the other earbud. Before purchasing I had contact with the gentlemen of Rolfstone about which earphones to purchase. I had quite a few requirements. Afterwards I had contact several times about the different earbuds and bad sound from 1 earbud. However, this is due to my ears, the earbuds are excellent. I mainly listen to audio books. For that the sound is fine. When running they stay in place. The operation is easy.

Great earbuds!

I recommend this product

I have the earbuds now for about one and a half months in my possession and must say that I really like them. In the beginning it took some getting used to the way they fitted in my ears because I had the feeling they were too tight. After I changed the wings this became less. Over the next few days this feeling diminished and I realized that it was just habituation.

The earbuds now fit wonderfully and after hours of listening I don't get any discomfort in my ears. The sound itself is also great. The bass is great and even if you have the earbuds turned down a bit the bass still sounds good. The sound is also very clear. I listen to many different types of music, including Scottish bagpipe music. The bagpipes don't get shrill but continue to sound very warm and solid through these earbuds. The only small downside I have is that now that I have put a smaller size wings on the earbuds they don't fall into the charging case as smoothly. Often I have to slide them a little once or twice until the light turns green and they charge. I don't find this distracting, but wanted to briefly mention it anyway. :) In short, these are just great earbuds for a great price!
Great earbuds

I recommend this product

These are my first wireless earbuds. I am very happy with them! When I go for a walk, they don't fall out, they stay in place. Sound is clear and the connection goes well. Recommended


I recommend this product

My wife owns Apple's infamous Airpods. These are actually unbeatable. However, to spend a considerable amount of money on Airpods is a bit too much for me, so I was looking for a good alternative. I ordered earbuds from 3 ''big'' brands and this one. I had never heard of the brand Rolfstone but the positive reviews made me curious. Well, I am converted. The sound is really impressive for this price. Beautiful, full tones and they sit very well. So, quality doesn't have to be expensive!

Great value for money

I recommend this product

I was looking for earbuds for sports that I could also use for normal everyday use. These earbuds are excellent! These earbuds are nice and compact and do not stick out far from the ears and remain motionless during exercise. Also, all the important things can be controlled on the earbuds themselves.

Contrary to what I read in various reviews, the volume can also be controlled on the earbuds themselves. A matter of just reading the (clear and Enlish) manual. For volume up: Press and hold the right earbud for 2 seconds. For volume down: Left earbud 2 seconds. The sound is great, especially if you like a little bass! Especially for sports, I think the good bass is a plus. As for the battery: I have never used the earbuds longer than 2 hours in a row, so I can't say much about that. In any case, they easily last two hours. In short: Very complete earbuds, for a very nice price. Top value for money. Highly recommended!

I recommend this product

Great earbuds really the best I've had so far. I do freerunning and I can go over the head as hard as I want, they always stay in place. Good sound nice bass and clear tones. Battery is also great almost 5 hours with just the earbuds and 4 or 5 times charging via tray I do almost a week without recharging

Great earbuds for good price

I recommend this product

The Rolfstone earbuds sit well in the ear. The sound is also fine. Although my focus is more on comfort and connectivity. Many reviews indicate that the volume control cannot be done via the earbuds. This is not true. If you hold down the left earbud the volume goes down, right earbud is volume down. So this is not a minus point. All in all an excellent earbud if you do not want to spend hundreds of euros on wireless earbuds.

  • Highest quality for the best price

  • The best personal service