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Small earbuds with a beautiful minimal design.

Fully wireless earbuds, super stylish.

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Stylish and minimal.

These stylish compact earbuds are perfect for everyday use. The Rolfstone Neo has such a minimal design that it almost does not stand out. Listen to your favourite music, watch videos or call handsfree. The compact charging case is designed to easily take with you on the go.

Enjoy endlessly.

Enjoy up to 6 hours on a single charge. Done listening? Place them back in the charging case which holds an additional 4 charges.

Auto on, auto connected.

The earbuds will automatically turn on and search for a device once you take them out of the charging case. Have the earbuds been conencted to your device before? Then they will automatically connect to your device!

Call handsfree with a clear sound.

Take an incoming call with one press on the button. You will be easily heard by the Active Noise Reduction technology which will block external sounds and amplify your voice.

Heavy bass, clear highs.

The Rolfstone Neo earbuds are more than just wireless, they also sound flawless. The bass is pleasantly present and the dynamic sound will form a perfect soundtrack to your daily life.

Touch buttons, easy does it.

If you want to skip a track, accept an incoming call or want to adjust the volume; with the Neo it's all super simple. With a touch on one of the buttons you'll be able to control the following functions:

  • Accept call

    1 tap

  • Play / Pause

    1 tap

  • Next track

    2 taps

  • Previous track

    3 taps

  • Volume +

    Right earbud
    Hold for 2 seconds

  • Volume -

    Left earbud
    Hold for 2 seconds

Our mission with the Neo...

The smallest and most stylish earbuds that have the latest features. That was the mission for the Rolfstone Neo. This is really our top model. With a super build quality and a beautiful soft-touch finish on the charging case, it feels great in the hand.

The charging case is already small, but the earbuds are even smaller. These are the smallest earbuds available. When you wear the Neo earbuds, they hardly stand out.

Despite its small size, the Neo has a great and clear sound quality with the latest features. With the touch buttons you can easily control your volume, skip to the next song or record a phone call.

Most wireless earbuds look like real tech products. That's something we didn't want to have with the Neo. That is why the design is very minimalistic, the case is beautifully matte black and there are no weird colored lights on it. The Neo has a sleek and modern design without distraction.

Do you think it is important that earbuds are stylish and also have the very best sound quality and features? Then the Rolfstone Neo will meet your needs!

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Great to use

I recommend this product

I have had them for a few months now and am very happy with them. I have small ears and these fit quite well. I don't have to exercise with them and they stay in place when I walk. Sound is good and I like the Bass in them. Connects well with the Bluetooth. You have to switch it off on your mobile phone if you want to connect to another device. But that is the case with all Bluetooth devices. Good service from seller.

Good earphones at a good price

I recommend this product

The earbuds are comfortable, good quality. You can use them for a long time before you have to recharge the case, so I really recommend them!


I recommend this product

Good sound, fits well in your ear. The company's service is also top notch. No long menu of choices, you will be helped right away.


I recommend this product

I have been using the Rolfstone Neo wireless earbuds for four months now and am extremely happy with them. It's so nice not to have to worry about earbuds getting tangled or falling out while cycling or exercising. I use them on my bike (4x p/w 2h), while running (2x p/w 30min), working out (2x pw 1h) and doing yoga (1x pw 1h). I mainly listen to podcasts and virtual sports lessons, sometimes music (house/techno).

Before this I used Apple earphones (normal, not wireless) and this is a big step forward, both in ease of use and sound quality. Super simple and quick to use. Ideal that different eartips are delivered; just fit and go. They stay in place, sometimes you have to press them down, but that doesn't bother me at all. You can hear the wind pass by on the bike when the wind is strong, but still good sound. Connecting and operating is easy (although I only use the touch controls for play-pause). I find it a little inconvenient that when switching between two devices, I first have to disconnect one before I can connect to the other, but I think this is often the case with Bluetooth devices. Summary: highly recommended!
Good in-ears at a good price

I recommend this product

I was looking for wireless earbuds for around 100 euros and after the many good reviews went for the Rolfstone Neo's. Very satisfied so far! Good sound, excellent battery life, quick charging and a trouble-free connection. One of the earbuds unfortunately started cracking after a while, but thanks to the fast personal service, a new set was delivered to me in no time. It is nice to see that this small-scale Dutch company has its affairs in order. Highly recommended!

Very fine earbuds and perfect service

I recommend this product

The sound is good, the battery lasts a long time, the size of both the earbuds and the case is compact, they look good and the freedom of movement is great. In addition, the service is perfect. Rolfstone is very easy to reach and responds well and adequately to questions and problems. Value for money in all respects.

Why did I wait so long?

I recommend this product

I use earbuds all day long, and it was always a struggle with the classic earbuds. The cable got in the way, didn't work anymore after a while due to a kink in the cable, With these earbuds, this is a thing of the past and the comfort is better than all my previous earbuds. They remain in the ears very well, even when walking. The sound is very good for me personally, it's just a pity that you can't adjust the settings manually.

When calling, I am not always audible, but I usually only use one earbud while working. The battery of the earbuds is really top-notch, by using 1 earphone I actually never fall out with a flat earphone. 1 in the ear, the other in the compact charging case. I asked the manufacturer a question via Whatsapp and not much later I received a reply. Super fast service and very good help! Thanks a lot!

"Especially the design, the promises icw the price I found interesting. After reading the reviews I bought it and I do not regret it for a moment!"

756 reviews
  • Highest quality for the best price

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • The best personal service