• ANC earbuds

    Reduces the sounds in your environment by 25db.

  • Ambient Mode

    If you want to hear the surroundings just right.

  • Perfecte fit

    Because of foam eartips.

  • Sweat and rain resistant


  • Small charging case

    Fits easily in your pocket.

  • Hands-free calling

    Clearly intelligible, even in online meetings such as Teams and Zoom.

  • USB-C

    The new USB standard.

Active Noise Cancelling

The Active Noise Canceling in the Rolfstone Luna ensures that the unwanted noises in your environment are filtered out. The microphones detect the ambient noise and then produce an opposite signal to suppress the noise. Especially the low tones in the environment are almost impossible to hear because of this. This ensures that you are no longer distracted and that you can focus optimally.

Shut yourself off completely.

With the Rolfstone Luna you can completely shut off from the outside world. Work super concentrated without distraction or just relax and leave the outside world for what it is.

  • When working from home

    The Luna is excellent for telephone calls and video calls with, among others, Teams, Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. With these earbuds you can be heard clearly and you have your hands free to be productive

  • When relaxing

    Thanks to the ANC and the beautiful sound reproduction of the Luna, you can enjoy your music to the fullest.