28+ 5-star reviews

Rolfstone Luna

Active Noise Canceling earbuds

  •  With Active Noise Canceling & Ambient mode
  •  Good microphones for hands-free calling
  •  Very small, fits easily in the pocket
  •  Convenient charging in the charging case


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  • ANC earbuds

    Reduces the sounds in your environment by 25db.

  • Ambient Mode

    If you want to hear the surroundings just right.

  • Perfecte fit

    Because of foam eartips.

  • Sweat and rain resistant


  • Small charging case

    Fits easily in your pocket.

  • Hands-free calling

    Clearly intelligible, even in online meetings such as Teams and Zoom.

  • USB-C

    The new USB standard.

Active Noise Cancelling

The Active Noise Canceling in the Rolfstone Luna ensures that the unwanted noises in your environment are filtered out. The microphones detect the ambient noise and then produce an opposite signal to suppress the noise. Especially the low tones in the environment are almost impossible to hear because of this. This ensures that you are no longer distracted and that you can focus optimally.

Rolfstone Luna wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancelling, Ambient Mode and Foam eartips

Shut yourself off completely.

With the Rolfstone Luna you can completely shut off from the outside world. Work super concentrated without distraction or just relax and leave the outside world for what it is.

  • When working from home

    The Luna is excellent for telephone calls and video calls with, among others, Teams, Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. With these earbuds you can be heard clearly and you have your hands free to be productive

  • When relaxing

    Thanks to the ANC and the beautiful sound reproduction of the Luna, you can enjoy your music to the fullest.

Ambient Mode,
hear everything around you.

Do you still want to hear the sounds around you? This can be done by activating the ambient mode. This allows you to continue playing music, but you can also hear all ambient sounds through the microphones.

Perfect fit due to foam eartips

In addition to the standard silicone eartips, the Rolfstone Luna also comes with 3 sizes of foam eartips. Foam eartips mould themselves to the ear canal, closing it off even better and enhancing the ANC.

Foam ear tips in 3 sizes

Silicon eartips in 3 sizes

Connects to any device.

The Luna can be connected to any device that supports bluetooth.

  • Laptop & Computer

    Windows, Apple,

  • Smart Watch

    Including Apple, Garmin,
    Samsung and Fitbit

  • Tablet

    Apple, Android

  • Phone

    Apple, Android

Control your music without touching your mobile.

Quickly to the next song, volume a little harder.. Without unlocking your mobile! Do you get a call? Tap to record, super convenient. All functions are easy to operate with the touch buttons on the earbuds.

  • Accept call

    1 tap

  • Play / Pause

    1 tap

  • Next track

    Right 2 taps

  • Previous track

    Left 2 taps

  • Volume +

    Right earbud
    Press and hold

  • Volume -

    Left earbud
    Press and hold

20 hours of music with ANC on.

<p>With ANC on, the Luna has a battery life of 4 hours. Easily charge the earbuds in the charging case for another 16 hours. So you can listen to music for <strong>20 hours</strong> without needing a charging cable. The charging case contains a USB-C port to charge it. Most new phones also have a USB-C port, so you can easily use the same cable.</p>
Recommended if you are looking for affordable ANC in-ear headphones!

I recommend this product

The Rolfstone Luna: recommended if you are looking for affordable ANC in-ear headphones.Unboxing: Nice box, charging cable (from USB A to USB C), 2 sets (silicon and foam) with 3 sizes (S, M, L) earphones (eartips), user manual & (of course) the black charging case with 2 ears. Look and feel: Charging case is matte black, feels solid and open / close case with magnet and feels solid. Ears themselves nice and light, nice wearing comfort (with the right ear tips (S, M, L) and the color of course: black (better than the ugly white one from apple) Controls: All operation is via the touch control on both ears (as described in the user manual), volume, pick up phone, track forward/backward, ANC on/off & Ambient mode.

Pairing: Pairing via Bluetooth with phone or computer went smoothly. Unpairing also (besides unpairing Bluetooth on the paired device) possible by pressing the button on the charging case for 2 seconds Charging: Charging the earphones by putting them in the charging case, charging case via the charging cable (usb c). With LED indicator (orange) it is clear when the charging case is almost empty, and when it is is fully (green) charged again. Wearing comfort: With the included ear tips (eartips) can be customized for everyone so that they fit comfortably and close well. I soon no longer have them in my ears and I use the (S) small eartips. Sound: Excellent sound (nice bass, but also high frequencies), despite the fact that the sound cannot be adjusted via an equalizer in an app (on your phone)ANC: Works well, you can clearly hear the difference between ANC on/off and the Ambient mode. Indoors (in a working environment ANC is nice and you really notice it) and Outdoors (walking, sports (running), you especially notice that Ambient mode works, because the ears also close well due to the ear tips)
Very satisfied and happy with this purchase. Highly recommended!!!!

I recommend this product

Have had earphones for a few weeks now. Many people have much more expensive ones. But these Rolfstones are certainly not inferior to this. Neatly delivered in a beautiful packaging, once opened, super easy and quickly paired with the phone. Good sound and good wearing comfort. Don't fall out. Now used on bicycle, scooter, walking and running. In short, very satisfied and happy with my purchase. Highly recommended!!!

Great purchase

I recommend this product

Nice audio and works perfectly during calls. I am always easy to understand. The fit is fine. Get used to the short bars and the touch control if you have larger hands. Do not use them in the gym anymore from the ambient noise, nice in my own world. Good purchase!

Value for money!

I recommend this product

Totally great! Sound quality is really amazingly good. Similar to Apple's EarPods. Touch operation is pleasant and works as it should. There are 'foam' eartips, these ensure that the ears fit perfectly, because they will mold completely to your ears and therefore the ANC works extra well. Case has good magnets so that the ears click in well every time. So value for money.

Excellent earbuds

I recommend this product

I've had the earbuds for a few days now and they are very comfortable and the features are also excellent. The sound quality is excellent, with more than sufficient sound pressure. Pairing with my phone was also very easy. Noise canceling is great. When empty, they also charge very quickly. All in all, very satisfied with these earbuds.

A satisfied user

I recommend this product

I am very satisfied with the performance of these earbuds! Ideal for during an online meeting and calling. Despite its small size, the Rolfstone Luna is easy to operate. You can easily put the small charging case in your pocket.

Great earbuds!

I recommend this product

I have had earbuds for about 2 weeks now and I am very satisfied with them! The sound is good and with the ANC you barely hear the outside world. In terms of bass and music quality, I am also very pleased with the sound, the earplugs fit well in my ear. Battery has not yet had to be recharged .. so apparently it also lasts a long time! Recommended!

Top earbud for a good price

I recommend this product

Very nice ears! The supplied foam attachments are perfect and the battery life is also above expectations.

*Reviews are translated from Dutch and come from, the largest online store in the Netherlands.

In the box

  • Two earbuds

  • Charging case

  • Foam eartips S, M en L

  • Silicon eartips S, M en L

  • Charging cable

  • User manual (NL - EN)


Charging and playing time

  • Music playing time earbuds (with ANC on): 5 hours
  • Music playing time with charging case: 20 hours
  • Charging time earbuds: 50 minutes
  • The charging case can recharge the earbuds 4 times on the go
  • Time to charge the charging case: 1 hour
  • Stand-by time: 30 hours


  • Version: 5.0
  • Playback distance: 10 meters (without obstacles)


  • Works with every Bluetooth device
  • Apple iPhones, iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy models


  • There is a microphone located in both earbuds
  • Answer or decline incoming calls


  • Rainproof
  • Sweatproof
  • Dustproof
  • Stofdicht
  • IP4X Certified


  • Earbuds: 18 x 18 x 22 mm
  • Charging case: 55 x 55 x 34 mm
  • Weight earbuds: 4.5 gram

In the box

  • Charging case
  • 2 true wireless earbuds
  • USB naar USB-C kabel
  • Eartips Foam S, M en L
  • Eartips Siliconen S, M, L