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Rolfstone Focus

  •  70 hours of battery life
  •  Transparency mode
  •  Clear sound
  •  Super comfortable

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  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bancontact - Mister Cash

  • Active Noise Canceling filters up to 35db
  • 70h of battery life on 1 charge with ANC on
  • 100h of battery life on 1 charge with ANC off
  • Super clear sound
  • Hands-free calling or video calling
  • Ambient mode, hear everything around you
  • Swipe to operate
  • Lightweight (220 grams), very comfortable
  • Premium storage case included
  • Fast charging, 10m load = 2h listening
  • Call your voice assistant quickly
  • Personal service from Rolfstone
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Industry leading batterylife


On one charge the Rolfstone Focus lasts for 70 hours, with Active Noise Cancelling turned on. This is by far the longest battery life in the category. When the Active Noise Cancelling is turned off the battery will last for 100 hours!

When the headphones are empty, you can quickly recharge them. 10 minutes of charging means 2 hours of listening and within 3 hours of charging the battery is fully charged again. Charging can be done with the USB-C cable.

Active Noise Cancelling,
filters all unwanted noise.

The Active Noise Cancelling filters out all onwanted noise. The 4 microphones on the inside and outside of the ear cups detect the ambient noise and then produce an opposite signal to suppress the noise. Especially the low tones in the environment can hardly be heard anymore.

Ambient mode ensures that you do hear the ambient sounds again. The microphones let the sound from outside through so that you reconnect with the world around you.

Swipe controls, super simple.

  • <span> </span>


    Tap 2x

  • <span> </span>


    Swipe forward

  • <span> </span>


    Swipe back

  • <span> </span>


    Swipe up

  • <span> </span>


    Swipe down

  • <span> </span>


On the right earcup there is a touchpad. Change the volume by swiping up and down, select the tracks by swiping back and forth or answer an incoming call by tapping twice.

The touchpad works very precisely so you can skip through your playlist super fast. The swipe movements are very natural, making the headphones super easy to use.

There is a seperate button below the touchpad dedicated to the listening modes. The Active Noise Cancelling is turned on by default. Press once to turn it of and press the button again to turn on Ambient mode. Press this button twice to activate Siri or Google Assistant.

A beautifully balanced sound.

No overwhelming bass, but a perfectly balanced sound. The tones of the Rolfstone Focus are super clear. Thanks to the powerful 40 mm NdFeb (Neodymium magnet) drivers, you can listen to your favorite music like never before.

Works with your voice assistant.

Tap 2x on the function button to activate the voice assistant on your smartphone. Works with Siri on iOS and with Google Assistant on Android.

  • Google Assistant

  • Siri

Switch easily between devices.

Press the function button for 2 seconds to disconnect your device and to easily connect to a new device.

Lightweight, super comfortable.

The headphones are super lightweight so that they are still comfortable to wear even after hours of listening. It is an over-ear model so it does not press on your ears. The super soft ear pads reduce and distribute pressure evenly. The ear cups are tiltable and adjustable in height. Super comfortable.

Call handsfree.

The Rolfstone Focus can also be used for calls. Quickly answer an incoming call on the go. Or when you are at work and have scheduled a video call. With these headphones you can be heard clearly and you have your hands free to be productive.

Hear everything around you.

Do you want to hear everything around you? Then activate the Ambient mode. The microphones let you hear the sounds from outside so that you reconnect with the world around you.

Premium carry case

The Rolfstone Focus comes with a premium carry case. The carry case is custom-made so that the headphones will stay perfectly protected. It is a hard case design so the headphones can never be damaged! This way you can safely store the headphones and take them with you in your bag without having to worry.

In the box


Charging and playing time

  • Play time with ANC on: 70 hours
  • Play time with ANC off: 100 hours
  • 10 minute charge: 2 hours of play time
  • Fully charge: 3 hours


  • Speaker size: 40mm NdFeB speaker
  • Audio decoding: SBC
  • Frequency response range: 20-20kHz


  • Version: 5.0
  • Max. playing distance from device: 50 meters (without obstacles)


  • All devices with Bluetooth
  • Apple iPhones, iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy's


  • All devices with Bluetooth
  • Apple iPhones, iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy's


  • Headphones: 200 x 200 x 50 mm
  • Carry case: 230 x 205 x 68 mm
  • Gewicht: 220 gram

Our mission with the Focus..

We started Rolfstone with great passion for music and an unconditional commitment to service and quality.


But also to do things differently and to prove that you can make good products, complete with the latest features, without them having to cost a fortune.


We are proud of the Rolfstone Focus. After the Rolfstone Nova Sport, Neo and Riva it is our first pair of headphones.


With and industry leading battery life, ultra comfort, a beautiful clear sound and Active Noise Cancceling it is a unique headphone.

  • Joris


  • Jos


  • Alfred


The best headphones
Wilgenkamp 70+ years

I recommend this product

This is one of the best bluetooth headphones I have had so far. The reason I am so satisfied is in a number of points in which these headphones score the best. I have tested about 17 headphones so far and have never been so satisfied. First of all, the sound quality is sublime.

The ease of operation, the usb C connector, no fussing about how the plug should sit, you can now just plug it in and don’t worry about it. The controls are good, the buttons are of a good size, easy to find without sight. This also applies to the touchpad, operation is easy and it works well. Also the wearing of the headphones is pleasant, they remain very well on the head even when I'm shaking my head the headphones remain in place, while the pressure on the ears feels very low, which means that after 6 hours of wearing it still feels pleasant. Since I personally have bad eyesight this is very important to me as I wear the headphones almost all day. For me it was a very good purchase, both price and quality, especially with the handy storage case.
What a quality
bead 50-59 jaar

I recommend this product

Packaging is perfect, connection with cell phone super, nice design, fine quality. Sits well on the ears also when wearing glasses. I am very satisfied with it. Battery also works for a really long time

Great headphones
Nijavoma 50-59 years

I recommend this product

Beautiful design, great sound, fits perfectly, tremendously long battery life. Received headphones March 13 and today, April 21, charged them for the first time. (Used on average 6 days a week for 2 hours a day) Highly recommended to everyone, definitely not a bad buy !!!!!!!

Fauel 70+ years

I recommend this product

I already had earphones from Rolfstone,which I am very satisfied with. After my old headphones broke, I was looking for a new one. Then I saw that Rolfstone also had over-ear headphones. I bought them immediately and haven't regretted my purchase for a moment. The noise-cancelling works properly, the sound is great, the operation is extremely simple.

Great headphones
Emmaxxl 20-29 years

I recommend this product

Bought these headphones after a positive experience with the Rolfstone Neo. I have it +- 2 months, battery life is perfect for long train rides, especially in combination with the noise cancelling. You switch easily between multiple devices. I have a rather small head, but these headphones fit very well, partly due to the light weight.

Is also really over-ear, does not lean on your ear. Easy to wear for 5 hours without any irritation, even with glasses! Sound is above expectations. The bluethooth range is amazingly far, even with interference from several thick walls. In addition, Rolfstone's customer service is very good, should you ever have any problems with a product.
Fine headphones
technodad 50-59 years

I recommend this product

I have never experienced noise cancelling before, but what a pleasure. Spaces with a lot of noise, murmurings are history when you turn on the noise cancelling, you only hear your music and no disturbing noises from outside. Good sound, bass is not overpowering. I had to get used to the operation by swiping, but once I got used to it, it was very convenient. By pressing 2 times on the button on the headphones it connects directly to google assistant and you can ask a question. Connecting to devices without problems and very fast.

Best choice
amsterbram 60-69 years Amsterdam

I recommend this product

Heaphone with a tremendously clear sound, looks solid and tough. Switching between noise 'cancellation on/off/ambient normal' is a great feature that has a pleasant effect beyond expectations. Furthermore, switching between two connected units is very easy (computer and mobile in my case). Furthermore, I have absolutely no problems with my reading glasses because of the well-sealing soft over-ear shell.

Top product!
JordyL1964 50-59 years

I recommend this product

Price-quality ratio is super! Battery life is really top! NC is certainly not bad but could be better, however, the top brands are then 2x as expensive! I miss an app to be able to tweak the device but that might be something for the future!

  • Highest quality for the best price

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • The best personal service