About us

About us

Rolfstone is a personal audio brand, manufacturer and online retailer with the focus on sports. Rolfstone based in The Netherlands and founded by Joris Beerepoot, Alfred Bes and Jos Kneppers. After launching the innovative Bluetooth vibration speaker Vsoundbox the guys went on and focused on the future of personal audio: True wireless earbuds.

The perfect users for these earbuds are active people. When working out the cord of wired earbuds and the weight of large headphones becomes irritating. That's where the Rolfstone Nova comes in. The Rolfstone Nova is made for sports.

With the creation of the Rolfstone Nova we also find customer interaction to be very important. We learn by the use of our customers so we are very open to suggestions of our customers. The tiny earbuds are completely wireless and super lightweight. This form factor combined with a superb fit and a great sound makes it the number one audio sports accessory on the market today. Get extra motivation during your workouts with your favorite music and never worry about a cable being in your way anymore!

To make sure that our customers are happy we have direct contact with our customers. It is possible to directly Whatsapp, call or mail us or to message us through the social channels.

All in all we strive to provide a product which will elevate the workout experience with extra motivation through music and to make sure that every customer has a great experience with Rolfstone.

Our core values

Collaboration Working together makes stronger. We believe in collaboration, not only in production or our day to day operations but also with our customers and ambassadors. We love to collaborate to make both ends of the collaboration stronger.

Service Rolfstone values happy customers. To make sure that everyone has a experience we have direct contact with our customers.

Innovation Rolfstone is operating on the edge of new technology. Not just to be the first but to offer the best possible technology to improve the sporting experience.

Direct If its in our service or our sales we love to have direct contact with the users of our product. This way we know exactly what we need to do to improve the product and the service. We don't sell through traditional retailers to make sure we always have direct contact with our customers. Also when customers purchase Rolfstone products through other online retailers they can contact us directly!

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+31 6 83993993
+31 6 83993993
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